Design Update: Fashion, art and interiors

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Design houses are encouraging the world of interiors to view textiles as works of art. Art educates, prompts emotion and embodies forms which can physically house us. In the broad sense of the word, ‘art’ describes the environments we create for ourselves; in the spaces we live in and the items we adorn them with.

DESIGN DAY '17: Wellington

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Blossoms filled the Wellington Showroom to celebrate the beginning of Spring and to kick-start our annual design event; 'DESIGN DAY'.


This year, held in conjunction with the Wellington Design Library on Thursday 21st September, we invited our clients to both showrooms for an afternoon of creative inspiration - showcasing the latest colours, textures, designs and trends working their way through the industry.



DESIGN DAY '17: Christchurch Showroom

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A few weeks ago we welcomed the DM tribe into our Christchurch showroom for a tribal inspired Design Day. The annual trade event is a fabulous opportunity to bring the design community together to gather inspiration, present new product and to eat, drink and be merry!

KAI: A closer look at the life of luxury.

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KAI features inspirational designs, every collection creating a totally different ‘lifestyle’ look, which will add style to your home. Fabrics are selected for their comfort, whilst retaining a luxurious quality. Choose from a selection of beautiful woven fabrics, patterns and plains, exquisite printed and embroidered silks and sheers, and sumptuous velvets.

1838 Wallcoverings: Rosemore & Avington

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1838 Wallcoverings specialise in producing high end collections that are produced by the beautiful craft of Surface Printing.

This technique was created in 1838 by Charles Potter, his brother Harold, and Walmsley Preston - a foreman machine printer, who had a mind that was ingeniously mechanical.

All of the collections from 1838 are designed with customers in mind. Each design is created to last, proving easy to hang (paste the wall) and are available in a range of designs, styles, colourways and co-ordinations to suit any taste.


Get Ready for the DRAMA

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The Romo Group presents the latest from their luxury brand 'Black Edition' with Herbaria.

Historic inspirations are the foundation of the collection, deconstructing and rebuilding elaborate designs through intricate layering and innovative colouring.

Herbaria is a dramatic collection of of decadent velvets, baroque damasks and a striking colour palette that give an intensity and individuality that is undoubtedly Black Edition.

A beautiful visit from Elitis

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Fascinated by the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun, the blue sea and the sky, Patrice Marraud des Grottes (Elitis Auteur) drew his inspiration from the name of the contemporary Greek poet Odysseas Elytis when naming his company, created in Toulouse in 1988.

Sine then, Elitis artists gather creative inspiration from all areas of the globe. In 2017, the inspiration for the latest collection has come from our very own Oceania!


Studio Visit: Smoke N Mirrors

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We took some time out this week with the lovely Jodie Robertson from Smoke N Mirrors in the Hawkes Bay.

It was great to learn a little more about her background, her favourite trends, and her unique approach to interior design and home staging.

Malcolm Fabrics: Peter Ketley presents the latest from the UK

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Our Christchurch showroom was bustling with the hum of creative conversation last Monday as a large group of designers gathered to see the launch of the latest UK textiles and wallpapers from Anthology, Harlequin and Scion, courtesy of Malcolm Fabrics.

Peter Ketley from the UK was joined by local representatives, Angelique and Warwick from Malcolm Fabrics.

Together they impressed the group with a fabulous array of colours and textures hot off the European market.

Cole & Son: The Ardmore Collection

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Ardmore is a new and exciting collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art.

The collection features a variety of conversational, vibrant, pictorial wallpapers and borders that add a whole new dimension to the Cole & Son library.

2 0 1 7: Trend Transformation

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As we are all coming back from the summer holidays, we are already beginning to see popular trends emerging for the year ahead.

There is everything from the freshest greens, to the loveliest linens – bright tropics and beautiful ceramic arts. There is a little something for everybody, no matter what your style!

We have put together a few trends to look out for over the coming months, what the inspiration is, and what you can expect to see in combinations this year. Happy reading! X

on the O U T S I D E: Outdoor Fabric

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With the sunny months fast upon us, we will soon be making the most of those long summer nights and heading outside to relax on the balcony, the patio, the deck, or even by the poolside (if you’re lucky!). So it’s around about that time of year that we start thinking about our outdoor decor and what we can do to make sure our homes have a creative flow, both inside and out.

Furnishing your exterior furniture can be a tricky business – as normal fabrics (especially those with a high cotton content) will perish in too much direct sunlight. It’s always a good idea to look at fabrics specially tested for being used outside – however sometimes it is difficult to find a great pattern/design as the choices are much slimmer.

We’ve put together a range of outdoor fabric (for every style and every budget) that will kick-start your inspiration and make sure you’re summer look is stellar.