Love, Love, Love Mark Alexander!

We are loving the latest from Mark Alexander, a textile branch of the ROMO group that deliver quality, natural blends in beautiful muted palettes, with a splash of accent colour here and there.

Let's see what the boys have come up with for 2016…

Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Ajanta 2016 Interior Design Designmade


Taking inspiration from classic 18th Century documents that were hand printed in India, the Ajanta collection reinterprets botanical designs while upholding the integrity and authenticity of the original artisanal processes. Emulating dyed, hand blocked prints, these botanical florals are realised through intricate layering techniques that create a wonderful aged quality. A fusion of modern colour further accentuates the delicate designs and enhances the handcrafted feel.

Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Homespun 2016 Interior Design Designmade


Natural qualities and understated designs come together to create a relaxed collection of textural linens. A hand woven appearance further enhances the rustic feel of the collection, while a palette of muted, earthy shades feature intonations of Antique Teal and Wilderness green.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Woodblock 2016 Interior Design Designmade


Finely crafted yet pared down and modern these printed linens evoke a signature Mark Alexander feel featuring deceptively simple designs in an earthy palette of refined tones. Imbued with a deliberate naivety the collection features clean lines and tribal inspired patterns that have the appearance of wood block prints on natural linen.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Mirage 2016 Interior Design Designmade


Mirage, an eclectic mix of ethereal sheers and natural semi sheers that exude tranquillity and elegance in a neutral palette of versatile shades. Organic stripes, simple plains and gentle geometrics create a sophisticated collection of naturally beautiful linens.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Talliesin 2016 Interior Design Designmade


A collection of three luxurious upholstery weaves in a muted palette of organic, earthy tones. Luxuriously dense qualities woven with hand spun wool linen yarns unique to Mark Alexander give each design a wonderful tactile quality and characteristic appearance.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Cobblestone 2016 Interior Design Designmade


A densely woven, chunky upholstery wool boucle with a relaxed appearance and alluring tactile quality is displayed in a palette of neutral tones and dusky shades of Murano, Wilderness green and Moccasin ochre.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Circa 2016 Interior Design Designmade


A remarkably soft wool blend velvet presented in a bespoke colour palette of sophisticated neutrals and deep accent shades. The blend of natural wool and luxurious viscose gives the velvet a charming, understated effect combined with a subtle lustre.


 Mark Alexander ROMO Seneca Textiles Simply 2 2016 Interior Design Designmade


The understated elegance of Simply plain linen is enhanced through unique artisanal dyeing and a beautiful washed finish giving a relaxed, vintage appearance to this simple, textured linen.



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