A beautiful visit from Elitis

Both Designmade Wellington and Designmade Christchurch were treated to a stellar presentation from our favourite frenchies: Maryline and Raoul from Elitis!

Our special guests visited both of our showrooms this month - to the delight of our local designers - to showcase the latest pieces of modern interior art from the Elitis Studios.

Elitis Interior Design New Zealand Wallpapers Fabrics Accessories

Fascinated by the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun, the blue sea and the sky, Patrice Marraud des Grottes (Elitis Auteur) drew his inspiration from the name of the contemporary Greek poet Odysseas Elytis when naming his company, created in Toulouse in 1988.

Sine then, Elitis artists gather creative inspiration from all areas of the globe. In 2017, the inspiration for the latest collection has come from our very own Oceania!

Elitis Interior Design Fabrics Wallcoverings Accessories

Large prints and bold colours evoke the holidays by the sea, salty hair and girly skirts. Patterns are amplified, sometimes shaded with bronze highlights. Silk is wild here and the colours are bold, but relaxed. The sweet life has character and tells tales in lively accents, singing in the summer breeze.

Elitis Interior Design Fabrics Wallpapers Accessories

The breeze quickly changes and the azure sky fills with dark clouds, a tropical storm. A man continues on with his task, braving the strong wind with the rain sweeping in from time to time, leaving its signature on his work.

Océania is the fruit of this fascinating triptych: banana bark, palm wood and raw textures are tamed by ancient human craft, constantly subject to the laws of nature.

Elitis Interior Design Wallpapers Fabrics Accessories


Elitis Interior Design Fabrics Wallpapers Accessories

We were overwhelmed with the beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, wall-coverings and accessories, that will now be available to see throughout the Designmade showrooms in Wellington and Christchurch.

A big thanks to our special guests for such a wonderful day!

Elitis Interior Design

Elitis is distributed in NZ by Seneca Textiles: www.seneca.co.nz