Going Green: Tree Therapy

Next up in our "going green" series, we take a closer look at Tréology - and how they have combined a passion for the New Zealand environment with quality craftsmanship in furniture design...

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Sustainable Choices and Waste Awareness

More and more companies across the world are thinking about the procurement, sustainability and usage of their resources - and the wider impact this is having on the environment. Resources, like timber, are acquired for a portion of their value (where an entire tree is cut down for the use of the trunk) and the rest is deemed 'waste'.

With the rate of deforestation that we're currently experiencing, we love to see manufacturers getting creative with their choices, and finding new ways to utilise timber, without impacting on the environment.

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Tréology  -  a story of timber sustainability 

Tréology was created in 2011 by Andrew and Melany-Jayne Davies. With a legacy of over 150 years of furniture-making between them, Andrew and Melany-Jayne wanted to share their love of the New Zealand landscape through functional design and quality materials.

Tréology is about connecting people and families, and celebrating the wonder of nature. This is reflected in their five core values that are central to the company:

Family     Nature     Adventure     Excellence    Respect

Taking on adventures, and giving back to nature is elemental to the Tréology philosophy. This includes participating in multisport events throughout New Zealand, planting trees, and contributing to community organisations that protect our native flora and fauna.

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Every piece of timber tells an eco-friendly story.


Situated on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, New Zealand has been both challenged and protected by the intensity of nature. Rich soils meant native trees grew to impressive heights and towered over the ever-changing landscape. Landslips and floods then swept away these giant trees, which were submerged and protected by the elements for centuries.

Enter Tréology - who rescues these downed trees from rivers & fiords across New Zealand, and crafts them into beautiful objects that merge the line between luxury furniture & functional art.

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Each tree tells a different story, depending on how old it is and where it was found. Some trees have been carbon-dated to over 45,000 years - the oldest workable timber in the world -  and some trees might have been part of the community whakapapa (origin/provenance) that Treology can trace through GPS mapping of the wood.

This short video highlights the process of rescuing the timber submerged in a river ...


Beautiful, custom pieces are then crafted with the rescued timber.


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And every little bit is used up!

When working with timber, naturally there are small pieces and chips that are cut off during the design process. Tréology make the most of these wood off-cuts by gluing together small pieces of swamp Kauri to form the Emerge Side Table

Emerge side table, treology, interior design

The rest of the wood-chips and sawdust (that cannot be re-used) are compacted into firewood pellets. Small off-cuts are donated to local preschools for children to ‘build’ with. All other recyclable waste is sent to local recycling plants.


 Celebrate the "imperfections"


Sustainable initiatives are growing, not just from a company's passion, but from the client as well. The demand for ethical products is creating new markets and companies are encouraged to join the movement, striving for more natural products with perfect "imperfections".

Tréology's portfolio includes work for Louis Vuitton Queenstown, Tara Iti Golf Club, Felton Road Wines, The Central Art Gallery and Eichardt’s Penthouse

"Tréology were selected by us after a careful search. Their enthusiasm for using recovered native timber was key, but also their ability to think with us as we evolved design solutions that were anything but standard. The results were right first time and of the highest quality."





We're proud to support Tréology through our Designmade showrooms and believe their creative processes around working with timber are inspirational.

Check out their website for more information: www.treology.co.nz

And keep up to date with their projects on  Facebook

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