Harlequin: New Collections

With its name meaning ‘studio’, Atelier by Harlequin is a fabulous collection of eight prints inspired by the techniques used in mid-century pottery studios. A variety of shapes combine with stylish colours and painted glaze effects to create a compendium of statement designs.

Glamourous yet considered, Atelier shares its studio style with a 1970 ’s fashion vibe, as oversized foliage and flamboyant geometric patterns sit alongside the textures and brush marks created by traditional ceramic painting methods.

Hamada Weaves is a tactile collection of six upholstery weaves inspired by the textural elements found in pottery production. Strong greens, such as Emerald and Marine contrast beautifully with Denim, Sky and Charcoal as highlights of Burnt Orange and Paprika match the trend for warmer tones.

Hamada’s textural stripes, subtle geometrics and ‘check mate’ plaids sit alongside inspiration drawn from traditional ceramic painting methods making this collection a great addition to Atelier prints. 

To complement these bold prints and weaves, Textured Walls introduces fifty-one wide-width vinyl wallcoverings across eight designs, each with different embosses and textures. 

These vibrant new collections are available in New Zealand through Malcolm Fabrics, you can see them for yourself at our Christchurch showroom!