ROMO Black Edition: New Collections

Black Edition have embarked on an exploration of time-honoured Japanese printmaking practices, where traditional and contemporary techniques intertwine.

Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa, uses digital images curated from his own camera to create intricate woodcut prints that are methodically crafted with small carving tools. Once complete, he uses an entirely manual printing method to create his artwork.

Through this harmonious collaboration, abstract stories and landscapes from Katsutoshi Yuasa’s collection are re-imagined in a rich anthology of luxury fabrics and wall-coverings that form Mizumi. 

Kuboa is the epitome of sophistication; this luxurious collection of decorative upholstery weaves presents unique designs on intriguing textures. The perfect combination of sumptuous cut velvets, innovate weaves and textural semi-plains are united by an entirely modern, atmospheric palette.

Hinoki is an artful balance of colour and texture displayed in a serene collection of elegant sheers and lightweight fabrics. Structured effects created by innovative weaving techniques form intricate shadows and unique qualities, inspired by the artwork of Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa. With a paired-back palette and glistening metallic highlights, the Hinoki collection is enchantingly beautiful.

These stunning collections are available in New Zealand through Seneca Textiles, you can view them in our Christchurch and Wellington showrooms.