Why Work With A Designer?

The Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

‘DIY is in our DNA’

Many Kiwis follow the philosophy that renovations, interior design and spacial planning are areas of building that one can accomplish on their own. In the long run however, working with a qualified and experienced designer can actually be the best road to take when tackling your home improvements.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out what kind of a designer you need, how much of their input you want, and how much they are going to cost. At Designmade, we are committed to making interior design products and services more accessible to the public, so have complied a list of the benefits of working with an interior designer.

Once you've read through the benefits outlined below, you can also browse through the Designmade Designer Directory, to see a selection of interior designers that we recommend from across the country. 

1. Designers are Qualified and Experienced.

Designers put in a lot of long study hours to gain appropriate qualifications for design, practical concepts and project management. They know how long renovations can really take, what to expect in terms of $$$, and how to bring a project together from start to finish. Designing the interior of your home is not something you want to have to re-do in a few years, so sometimes it is best to talk to someone with experience about what you can expect along the way.

2. Designers work with your ideas and build on them.

A good Interior Designer is not going to make you feel bad for wanting a pink, fluffy wallpaper in your kitchen. Designers understand that each client has their own taste and at the end of the day, you are the one who is going to live there and you need to be happy with the finished product. The sign of a good Interior Designer is taking one element or mental image and creating a space around it – so all features complement the room as a whole – and this is a skill designers take years to develop.

3. Designers think practically.

Unless design is your full time job, little details are often going to slip through the cracks. These can be simple questions like 'Which direction does the pantry door swing?' or 'Is there enough space beside the basin for the tap?'  More often than not, there will be some aspect you have forgotten to consider. That’s where discussing a project with a professional designer works to your benefit. A designer is taught to think in terms of practicality and everyday use. How much direct sunlight does the room get? How high is the ceiling? Will the kids be in and out of that room? Do you have cats… with claws? The space needs to work for you, every single day of the year!

4. Designers have access to incredible products that no-one else can get.

There is a big wide world of fabrics, wallpapers, accessories, rugs, carpets, tables, dining-ware, blinds, curtains, lighting, flooring, furniture…(and the list goes on!) that designers have access to, and often the public do not, or wouldn't know where to look. Designers have the right connections. If you are looking for a conversation-starting coffee table that no-one else has… a Designer should be the first one you ask.

5. Designers know you work on a budget.

Following on from 4. – Designers also know how to work with your budget. They might have access to a whole wide world of interior possibilities, but they also have access to designer discounts and won’t lead you down an expensive path you cannot afford. If you let your designer know your budget from the beginning – they will find something that can work for you.

6. Designers give you a fresh perspective.

Most of us begin a renovation or new-build because we want something new, fresh or different. What ends up happening more often than not ... is that we end up with something exactly the same as what we had originally. Old habits die hard! A Designer can encourage you to explore beyond your comfort zone and create a space that exceeds your original plans. If you want something new, you need to work with someone new – and preferable someone who knows a thing or two about design!

7. Designers filter your options – so decision making is streamlined and efficient.

Enter the ‘Paradox of Choice’ (You can check out a bit more about it here) – basically the theory is that if we have too many choices, we cannot make a decision easily, and if we do make a decision - we're not happy with it, because we are aware of all the options we missed out on! LOSE/LOSE for all involved. When you work with a Designer, it is their job to source a couple of different options for you to have a look at - based on what you have described. Making a choice shouldn’t be difficult, and using a designer will ease that overwhelming feeling of decision making so you can feel confident and happy with your interior decisions.

8. Designers can do the lot… or just a little bit.

Most Designers vary their services from complete renovations to casual consults. They can work on one area of the house, or make sure your home flows from room to room. That means that if you've already done the hard yards with your design research – you can easily book a one hour consulting session with a Designer who can then make sure you are on track. No strings attached, no compulsory purchasing – it is completely up to you how much you want to utilise the Designer's professional services.

9. Designers will set your house apart from the rest.

Why most people invest in working with a Designer is because they want a look that no-one else has… and using your own Interior Designer will give you just that. Designers don’t re-use schemes or buy direct from the shop window. They have a particular set of skills that allows them to design unique, one-of-a-kind interiors that fit perfectly with your lifestyle and your home. If you really want to stand out and do right by your home – don’t follow the trend – follow your Interior Designer and their qualified eyes. Then you will really get something special.

10. Designers don’t bite.

A Designer can sometimes be intimidating to approach on your own. At Designmade, we personally know all of the Interior Designers on our Designer Directory and are confident you will be able to find an incredible designer for your interiors. A Designer is a helping hand – your spirit guide through your renovations. They can encourage you to think about your space in a new light, reassure your gut instincts about certain patterns, manage your expectations of time and $$$ and just be someone to bounce ideas off that has experience in the industry.


Don’t be afraid to set up a meeting with one of our designers and see where it takes you.