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Mooi Design
18 Thorrington Rd, Cashmere, Christchurch 8022
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Mooi Design


Mooi Design is a Christchurch based interior design company, offering a specialist design & consultancy service across a range of interior disciplines.

Candice Van Dyk leads Mooi Design with knowledge & experience in high-end interiors. Candice has successfully delivered projects in the United Kingdom & New Zealand. The philosophy behind Mooi Design is client driven. Focusing on creating rich and inspiring environments, which draw on the textures & colours in order to compliment historical elements, whilst remaining forward-looking and in tune with modern life.

Whether new build or existing, residential or commercial, well executed interior design needs to seamlessly integrate into a structure for the full effect. This integration requires undivided attention to detail & ongoing connection between the interior and architecture. Mooi Design prefer to connect with the client & design team early, at the project’s inception. This approach ensures attention to detail & meaningful contribution to the development of schematic plans.

Mooi Design’s process of early involvement & commitment to client service allows for a structured approach to cost management & delivery. Preparation of project scoping documents & early stage budgets ensure no surprises & the highest level of delivery. Please get in touch if you are interested in the services Mooi Design offers.

  • Furniture selection, restoration & procurement
  • Interior decoration & styling
  • Exterior colour schemes
  • Interior planning & spacial designs
  • Furniture plans
  • Window treatments, manufacturing & installation
  • Soft furnishings
  • Floor finishes
  • Artwork & accessory coordination
  • 3D Renders
  • Kitchen, laundry & bathroom materials & fittings selection


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