Plug into the Designmade Directory

Designmade is dedicated to bringing quality, beautiful interior solutions to New Zealand homes and businesses – through the interior trade network.

We supply the interior trade industry with a variety of luxury materials – from fabrics to rugs, blinds, arm chairs, hardwood flooring, wallpaper, sofas, carpet, cushions, vinyl, furniture and accessories – the list goes on and on. Members of the trade have access to our showrooms in Wellington and Christchurch to browse, borrow and supply clients with all components required for their incredible interior schemes.

What we often find is that New Zealanders without access to a trade professional, are not only unsure of how to access interior product – but of who to contact for specific services.


The Designmade Trade Directory is a new resource that New Zealanders can use to track down specialist trade services. Whether Joe Bloggs is looking to re-upholster an old sofa, install some wallpaper, restore a wood floor, paint the exterior of a house, or just need someone to come in and repair a broken blind – the trade directory will become a resource to rely on.

Members of the Trade Directory will need to be qualified in their chosen field and registered with a recognised trade association.

If you are interested in joining the Trade Directory, and would like to discuss an application, please contact Designmade through the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the webpage.